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Video Clock
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video clock
The Video Clock is a Cat5—USB dongle that passes serial data from a DSan speaker timer or cue light to PC-hosted companion software (included).Video Clock Dongle

The software configures the data according to user-controlled parameters of size, color, background, position and transparency. Included bitmaps (or create your own) simulate green-yellow-red phase lights.

The output may be displayed alone or on top of other applications such as PowerPoint©.

Requires data from PerfectCue, Limitimer, or The TimePrompt, purchased separately.

For Limitimer ot TimePrompt:
$285 VC-2000LT Buy Online
For PerfectCue:
$285 VC-2000PC Buy Online

Existing users: Misplaced the Video Clock software ?
Download here (for Limitimer or TheTimePrompt*).
Download here (for PerfectCue).

*For users of TheTimePrompt purchased before January 2015
Download here (for TimePrompt)

Video Clock objects may be enabled or disabled, made transparent, translucent and sized for various effects. Custom bitmaps can be created and configurations saved for quick launch. Click images below for simulated device connection.
The objects may be displayed on a full screen window background of a selectable color. The output may be put through a scan converter (or taken from a composite video, if available). The background color can be keyed to be transparent and the output mixed with a video feed.



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